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My ONLINE INSTRUCTIONS on How to Make your Own VICTORIAN Bonnet are Easy to follow and the bonnet is inexpensive to make.



I spent an entire month trying to find or make a bonnet to wear to a Dickens Faire in December. I spent hours and hours searching the internet and Ebay trying to find one that I could afford. Well folks, I'm sorry but I'm not willing to pay $60 - $100 for a costume piece. So I decided I would just make one - easier said than done. I went to a cloth store and spent $12.95 on a Christmas Caroler pattern which included instructions on how to make a bonnet. When I got home and reviewed the pattern, I might as well have been reading instructions on how to build the space shuttle. And did I mention that I don't even own a sewing machine?

So, I came up with the most scathingly brilliant idea, no pattern needed! You don't even need a sewing machine! AND you can make this sweet bonnet for $20.00 or less. What you see pictured below is the end result. As they say, Time is Money, so take advantage of my extensive research on Victorian fashion, my endless trips to Cloth World and Hobby Lobby, my trial and error mishaps, my time saving advice and money saving tips.

Perfect for Red Hat Society, Halloween costume, Little Bo Peep costume, Dickens Festival, Civil War Dress Hat, Scarlett Ohara, Hoop Skirt, Civil War Reenactor, Christmas Caroler, Southern Belle, Antebellum, Theatre Production, School Play, Little Girl Dress Up Party, Reenactment, A Christmas Carol Play, Tom Sawyer Theatre, Tea Party, Old Fashioned Christmas, Hoopskirt Civil War Dress, Costume Ball or just a fun Arts and Crafts Project.

The link to my Website will be available to you immediately upon receipt of payment via Paypal. Easily accessable using your Internet Browser. No downloads or messy attachments- No Shipping Fees - Hassle Free!!!

This is a fun and easy project and can be a money maker as well. Please feel free to email me with questions and/or concerns.


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Robin Turner
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