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This AWESOME Custom Designed Personalized Leather Strap with an Oak Wood Barrel is like the ones that Saint Bernards wear in the Swiss Alps to rescue people.

You can order it with or without the following decals:
Red Swiss Cross Flag, American Flag, American Waving Flag, Texas Flag, Canadian Flag, British Union Jack, Irish Shamrock, Got Milk?, Got Drool?, Got Beer?, Drool is Cool, or Big Ass Dog.

Here we have Miss Anna Belle Louise
wearing the latest in Plus Size Designer Pet Fashion.

Great Gift Idea

NEW DECALS - Big Ass Dog and Drool is Cool

In addition to this rustic barrel with brass bands, you will receive a personalized hand crafted leather strap, a wooden spigot, a wooden cork and a wooden display stand. This barrel is made to hold liquids - Whiskey, Rum, Scotch, Brandy, Tequilla, Wine, or other alcohol beverage is recommended because some liquids such as water can cause bacteria in wood. We will send instructions about curing the barrel, as well as, the care and cleaning of wood barrels. The barrel is about 6 inches long and 4-1/4 inches wide. The leather strap will be hand crafted to your specifications and will have three brass snaps on each side to insure the perfect fit for your precious pooch. Please allow approximately three weeks for shipment.

A MUST HAVE for any pet attire ensemble. Your Big Girl or Big Boy will be the envy of the neighborhood, lake or beach! And it would look great on any Saint Bernard in a St. Patrick's Day Parade, Christmas, 4th of July or Memorial Day Parade. This barrel would also look great on a Great Pyrenees, Newfoundland, Akita, Swiss Mountain, Bernese Mountain, Labrador, or any large dog.

Our custom collars and kegs are a labor of love and we think the buyer will be very pleased with this barrel and that it could very well become a family heirloom. And not to be morbid, but it can also be used to hold the ashes of your Gentle Giant after he or she passes on to Doggie Heaven.

Simply click on the order form button below and provide the following information:

1. Name of dog:

2.Breed of dog:

3. Do you want the name painted a certain color or just highlighted in plain antique stain?

4. Do you want additional embellishments on the collar such as Saint Heads, Dog Paws, Dog Bones, Roses, Butterflies, Mountains, Stars, Maple Leaves, Regular Leaves, etc. And if so, indicate color choice.

5. Using a measuring tape, measure the dog's neck. We need an exact measurement, not a collar size.

6. Age of Dog:

7. Would you like the Swiss Flag, American Flag, American Waving Flag, Texan Flag, Canadian Flag, Red Maple Leaf, Britain Union Jack, Shamrock, Got Milk?, Got Drool?, Got Beer?, Drool is Cool or Big Ass Dog decal on the barrel or just the plain barrel? (no extra charge)

8. Please provide your telephone number in case we need to contact you concerning your order.

The cost of the keg, stand, spigot, bung, custom leather strap and optional decal is $104.95 and this includes free USPS Priority Mail shipping and insurance if within the contiguous United States.

You may find less expensive kegs online but they are inferior quality and do not come with a display stand and are varnished with a water based lacquer which washes off the first time you cure the keg. Our kegs have high quality brass hardware and are varnished with an oil based lacquer which provides a long lasting beautiful barrel for years to come.

Gift Certificates Available -
The recipient of your gift can customize the collar and choose the decal.

If ordering a gift certificate, click on the order form and put "Gift Certificate" in the comments section and the name of the recipient. We will email you a Gift Certificate Word document upon receipt of payment.

Please allow approximately two weeks for shipment.

$104.95 if shipping within the US

$136.75 if shipping outside the US


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